Giving a great gift is not always that easy. Finding the perfect surprise for a loved one or a less-loved one (acquaintances, you know who you are) can become rather tricky if you have to take into account what their likes and dislikes are, your budget limitation and the time you can spend (or want to spend) at a store.

For this reason, we, at GetMore, your trusted assistant, created a quick and easy quiz to help you find gifts.

Before you start the quiz, we have to note certain points.

  • We assume that your giftee is over 18; you know, an adult.
  • We don’t discriminate; our gifts are fitting for men, women and other (we’ve never been able to figure this one out, but we’re sure they’ll appreciate their gift.)
  • We assume that you have a moderately-close relationship with your giftee – meaning you’ll have them over to your house for a braai. If this is not the case (i.e. you drew HR Betsie’s name in the office Santa hat), chat to us online, we’ll help you find amazing soap or chocolates within your budget.


Now, that the paperwork is out of the way, you may start the quiz.



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