“I need more in my life and I want to make a difference, I just don’t know what to do.”

Does that sound like you? We’ve all been there – needing more from work and life. Making these changes can be terrifying, which is why GetMore is here for you. We’ll assist wherever we can: find recruiters and teachers to help with career counselling or plan a weekend breakaway to help you figure things out.

In our quest to assist, we’ve found these tips to help you rediscover your passion.

Revisit your childhood

What did you enjoy doing as a kid? What were the things that brought you endless amounts of joy? Make a list of all the things you loved as a kid and see if there is anything you might enjoy now. You’d be surprised how much can be learned from playing.

Find a role model or mentor

Search for people who are already doing what you want to do and find out more about them. If it’s someone on LinkedIn or someone you’ve met, ask them to mentor and guide you where possible. Additionally, look at how they’ve done things and see how you can improve.

Trust your curiosity

Take note of the things you find interesting: the books you enjoy, the articles you click on to read more (and actually read), your hobbies, the things you do to keep busy, and the type of shows you watch. Maybe there’s something amongst them you can do to add passion to your life.

Listen to others

The people around us sometimes see things we don’t. What are the things your friends, family and colleagues compliment you on? Can you embrace this talent and take it to market?

Venture outside your comfort zone

One of the main culprits about feeling dispassionate is the comfort zone. You know it – you take a quick visit on Friday night, and suddenly it’s Monday morning? Stop! Try new things; you never know what might spark your energy and passion sources. The only way to find out is to try things such as auditioning for a play or joining a sports team or a gardening group, etc.

Do the research

Once you have an inkling of what your passion is, find out more about it. Search for people who share your passions and organise a (support) group to help each other learn more about the topic or embrace it as a career. Maybe you can even join forces and start your own business together.

Never stop trying

Keep on searching for your passion. It might take you a long time to find it, you might get tired of it, or you’re not cracking it in the job market. Just keep on swimming. Never give up on the things that bring you joy.

A good question to ask yourself to discover your passion is: “What would I do if I had a billion rand?”

Turn to GetMore for what you need. We’ll assist in any way we can, be it a new job, financial advice, travel assistance, etc. Call us on 084 11 438 48 or visit getmore247.co.za and we’ll assist you to embrace your passion.


Image source:  You Inc

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