Is your mind already on holiday? Before you sink your feet into beach sand, you have a lot to organise. Rather than getting into a panic in the week you leave, follow GetMore’s checklist so that you’re properly prepared and you can relax and enjoy your well-earned break.


– Get your alarm system checked so that it’s working properly
– Cancel any regular deliveries you get (post, newspapers, milk)
– Make sure that someone you trust has a spare key for your house
– Organise for a person to come in and water your plants or lawn, and check your house
– Tell your neighbours that you are going to be away on holiday
– Arrange a pet-sitter, book a kennel, or ask a friend or family member to help out

– If you are driving to your destination, get your car serviced
– Ensure that your driver’s licence and car licence is up to date
– Arrange car hire if you need transport at your destination
– Book a taxi to the airport if you are catching a flight

– Get travel insurance
– Make sure all your bills are paid
– Inform your bank if you’re travelling overseas
– Sort out foreign currency so you can get the cheapest rates

– Check that all passports are valid if you are travelling overseas
– Arrange visas if necessary
– Get printed copies of all your important documents, in case of loss/theft

– Get vaccinations if necessary
– If you regularly take medication, check that you have enough for your trip

– Pack your chargers for your phone, camera, iPad etc
– Get roaming if you need to use your phone overseas

Let GetMore help you check things off your holiday to-do list. Whether you want to buy a GPS for your trip, you need last-minute accommodation, or you want ideas to keep the kids busy during your holiday, get it done with GetMore. Call us today on 084 11 438 48 and just ASK ONCE!

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