You might choose flowers because of their colour or smell, but what you probably don’t know is that flowers have different meanings. We give you eight popular posies and what they symbolise.



There’s no denying the power of the rose – particularly the red rose. It’s the classic symbol of love and romance, passion and desire. While it’s known for often being quite pricey, it’s the iconic and most popular choice on Valentine’s Day.


Big and bold – these vibrant flowers are easily recognisable by their large flowering heads and their bright array of colours. While these daisies usually bring a cheerfulness, they are traditionally seen as a symbol of purity and innocence.


These exotic-looking flowers are often given as a potted plant and so they last longer than a regular bouquet. These unique, graceful flowers have come to represent a rare and delicate beauty, but also luxury and strength.


The bright yellow petals of this striking flower make it easy to recognise. Like the name suggests, these flowers turn to face and follow the sun throughout the day. They represent warmth and happiness and are a sign of longevity.


Aside from being a beautiful flower, these are known for their distinctive sweet smell. White lilies are traditionally associated with purity and innocence, but the meaning of the bold stargazer is one of honour, aspiration and wealth.


While the iris can come in white and yellow, it’s the blue and purple versions that are the most striking. The blue iris symbolises faith and hope, while the elegant purple iris is symbolic of wisdom and is often associated with royalty.


Perfect love. That’s what the tulip represents. These elegant and easily recognised flowers come in a huge range of colours which carry their own distinctive meaning. Yellow for cheerful thoughts, purple for royalty and white for forgiveness.


If you want to send a message of friendship and devotion, then these lilies are the perfect choice for you. Also known as alstroemeria, these lilies have striking petals, come in an array of colours, and are long lasting.
Whether you’re the person giving or receiving flowers, knowing the meaning behind the pretty blossoms and exquisite smell will only increase your appreciation.

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