What if you could live in a house where you didn’t have to go to the kitchen to download a picture; or sit on the uncomfortable chair in your kid’s room to send emails? What if you could live in a house where the Wi-Fi signal was strong in every room? Sounds impossible? We thought so too, but then we found these simple tricks to improve the Wi-Fi and suddenly the dream was within our grasp.

These small changes are so easy to implement that in no time your home will be the joyful place where family members can avoid each other in any room.

  1. Keep your router out in the open

Routers send their signals out in equal strength in all directions, which is why you want it out in the open. If you put it in a closet, the walls will absorb and block the signal. The best idea is to use the “line of sight” method. Look for the position where you can see the furthest in your house and see the most rooms – that is where you want to place your router.

  1. Stay off the ground

Most routers are designed in such a way that they broadcast waves downward, thus by placing it on the floor you’re wasting the signal. It’s also important to remember that certain materials in the floor such as metal, concrete or cement block the signal.

  1. Avoid electronics

Things like computers, TVs, microwaves, basically anything with a motor inside it can interfere with your router signal. So it is best not to place your router too close to your other electronics.

  1. Find direction

Most of your household routers have two antennas, which ideally should be positioned with one horizontal and one vertical. A device works faster if its internal antennas are parallel with that of the router’s. Laptops normally have horizontal antennas, but if you’re using a mobile device, it depends on how you hold it. So by keeping one of your router’s antennas horizontal and one vertical, you’ll have the highest chance of a parallel antenna match.

  1. Manage your strength

If your network strength is running a bit weak, you should measure your signal strength. Networks tend to have coverage maps, but rather download an app to help you measure the router’s signal strength. This will also help you create a rough map to figure out how you can fix it.

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Information taken from iflscience.com.

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