Whether you have a handbag, gym bag or satchel, there are certain essential items that you’ll always find inside your bag. To GetMore, these aren’t just accessories – they open up a whole world of benefits and services.
GetMore has the power to transform your bag from ordinary into a Bag of Tricks!

Here are your four bag essentials:


Cellphones are indispensable. We use them constantly to make calls, send messages, store photos, check on news, play games, buy products and much, much more. With GetMore, a cellphone allows you to phone the contact centre – for free – and access the PLAY benefit.

This lets you to book a meal at over 400 restaurants around the country – and get up to R100 off the price of two main meals. Feel like going to the movies? Just make one call and you can save 60% on your movie tickets. When you want to watch a live band, a sports match, or a comedy show, phone us and you can get a whopping 75% off selected tickets when you book your entertainment through the call centre. There are discounts for activities like dance lessons, and you can get up to R400 off family-fun events such as tenpin bowling. And when you just feel like being pampered, one call to us will get you an affordable wellbeing experience at any spa around the country.

Everyone carries a set of keys around with them. It could be keys for your car, house or office, but with GetMore, your keys open up more than just doors. As a GetMore member you have the key to a vast amount of information through the HOME benefit.

Are you buying or selling a house? Do you want to upgrade your home security? Looking for quotes for removal companies? Just call GetMore and we’ll assist you with any queries relating to your home. We’ll help you find a house or flat, negotiate the best bond rates, take care of paperwork, get you insurance quotes, and negotiate great discounts on appliances and furniture. We’re also just a quick call away when you have a home emergency. So, if you have a blocked toilet or you’re locked out of your house – phone your SOS line 24/7 and we’ll immediately send help your way.


With a credit card you can pay for a wide range of products and services. But when it comes to the end of the month, and you feel that you’re burning a hole through it, you need to use GetMore’s MONEY benefit.
GetMore has a team of financial experts who are available to give you the advice you really need when it comes to money matters. Whether you want help with a home loan, vehicle finance, tax, investments, budgets or insurance – now you can talk to a professional and get assistance based on your specific financial situation. It’s a free, confidential call for GetMore members, and you can ask our experts any questions you have. You’ll get the right advice, so you can make the right decisions for your financial future.


Next time you put on your sunglasses, you could be protecting your eyes from the glare of the sun in an exotic destination. This is because GetMore’s GO benefit can help you go on holiday at an affordable price!
Local or international, long holiday or weekend break – GetMore takes over the planning of your trip from start to finish. Need to organise a visa? Looking for travel insurance? Want to find cheap bus or plane tickets? Trying to find a weather report for your destination? For all your travel queries – just call GetMore. We have a team of professional travel consultants who are available to give you the best travel advice and tips, negotiate deals and discounts, find affordable accommodation and car hire, and so much more. Through GetMore you can now afford to go on holiday!
With GetMore’s Bag of Tricks, you have access to a whole world of benefits and services.

To find out more information phone the call centre for free on 084 11 438 48, and speak to a friendly consultant. You can also watch our benefit videos, read our full benefit brochure, or page through our convenient interactive brochure. GetMore’s Bag of Tricks will help you with anything, anywhere, anytime!

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