We’re sharing your stories. Here at GetMore, we’re always talking about what great experiences you can have with us by your side, but to shake things up, we thought why not let our members tell you about it.

Read on and find out what our GetMore critics have to say about their 2-4-1 Dining experiences.

Vacca Matta

If you ever need to party when you’re in Durbs, then Vacca Matta is a must. A couple of weeks ago, my girl was feeling low, so I phoned GetMore and told them, “You say you do anything, now go”.

Twenty minutes later, I got a call saying a car is on the way and we’ve got a booking at Vacca Matta.

We got ourselves dressed up (I’m not going out looking all sad), our car picked us up and dropped us off – no hiccups. We walked up to the bouncer, flashed my ID – no probs – then WOW. Inside is amazing!

They have cocktails for days, and it’s not even expensive. The food delish! Thanks for the discount GetMore.

Now, the DJ. Look, the man knew his business, although there were a couple WTH songs. But the club vibes totally made up for them.

All in all, the night (morning – whatevs) ended on a high note. We got some numbers, that sober glasses won’t be calling, and my girl was low no more.

Thembi, Durban North


Balboa Balcony Bar

A couple of mates and I want a fun night out – something we haven’t tried before. So I phoned GetMore, and they recommended Balboa Balcony Bar on Adriniga Street. What a great experience.

First, they ID’d us – no under 23-year-olds, so you know you can relax without having to play babysitter.

The vibe was chilled even though the place was packed. It did mean that our drinks and food orders took a bit longer, but it was well worth the wait. Flippen great pizza guys! The girls said the cocktails were awesome (I must say they were decent sizes), and they had a pretty amazing collection of craft beers.

If I must choose a favourite part of the night, it was the live music. It’s always great to see local talent perform.

Mike, Stellenbosch

Looking for a fun night out, just chat to us online or call 084 11 438 48 and we will find it. Best of all, if the hunger pangs hit, you can even get a R100 discount on your second main meal.

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