Ah, Valentine’s Day – you either hate it, or you absolutely love it. But for some of us, even with our best intentions, it can take a turn for the worst. We did some digging and found date fails that are so wrong they’re funny (unless you were involved, in which case, you should’ve phoned GetMore).

In an attempt to remember my date’s name, I took her to a Starbucks.


A mariachi band started playing “I can’t help falling in love with you” at our table. It was sweet, except it was our first date – I just stared at my food the whole time.


I paid the waiter R200 to “spill” a drink on me, just so I could escape my bad date.


He brought his granny with us to the restaurant. She was a sweet lady, but her presence did not help the romance.

Granny 1

We went to McDonald’s, and he told me to “only order the cheap stuff”. I later found out the cute older couple staring at us, was his parents.

Cheap date

It was an amazing date, then during dinner, he stopped eating, looked at me intensely and said: “if you can manage to lose 5kg, you’d be a 10”. We had dessert.

dessert 5

He was very self-assured and tried to dazzle me with his vast amount of general knowledge, which would’ve been great, except he thought Italy was in Atlantis and referred to “geography” as “genealogy”.

know it all

He took me to his favourite restaurant – it was a strip club.

Strip club

I was going on a first date with this amazing guy, and beforehand I did some recon work. Throughout the date I tried not to let him know that I cyberstalked him, then this happened:

Him: So my Aunt…

Me: Saanvi or Anni?

There was no second date.

cyber stalker 1

On a first date with this amazing girl, we were really connecting and had such a good time. Halfway through the meal her ex phoned, and after a lengthy discussion, they decided to give their relationship another go.


He thought it might be fun if we go to a haunted house for our date. I tripped and fell over some of the decorations. He left me there because he was scared.

Scared 2

I picked her up at her place for our first date, on the way to the restaurant she made me laugh so hard I accidentally said “I love you” instead of “I love it”. There is no coming back from that.

Love you

A friend set me up on a blind date – turns out it was my cousin.


I went on a date with a vegan; everything was going great until, after I’ve eaten fish, he explains that fish have feelings too.

vegan 2

At the end of our first date, I went in for a kiss, she sneezed into my mouth and said: “sorry my flu meds must have worn off”.

sneeze 2

If you need to make up for your Valentine’s Day fail, contact us on 084 11 438 48 or visit us at getmore247.co.za and we will find the perfect gift, date (unfortunately, only the event and not the person – that’s illegal) or adventure to make all your mishaps forgotten.

Information sources: BuzzFeed, Bored Panda and Huffington Post

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