On 1 November 2015, a new law came into effect for all vehicle owners in South African who want to renew their licence: they are now required to first provide proof of address. Drivers who do not meet this new regulation will have their vehicle licence application denied, according to the Department of Transport.


If you want to register your vehicle, apply for your driver’s licence or renew your licence disk you will have to supply the following information:

– Full names, date of birth, ID number, business registration number, along with any acceptable form of identification.

– Proof of postal and residential address, through a utility bill, telephone account or retail store account (that is not older than three months). If the person’s name is not on the account, an affidavit is required (from the person whose name is on the bill) that states that they live at that specific address. This affidavit must then accompany the utility account.

– For a person who lives in an informal settlement, a letter with an official date stamp is needed from the ward councillor that confirms the person’s postal and residential address.

– In addition, an NCP (Notification of Change in Particulars) form must be completed and handed in with all the above information. This form is available online or at licensing authorities.

According to the Department of Transport, the intention of the new legislation is to ensure that all the people who are registered on their system can receive their vehicle and driver’s licence renewal notices, and other traffic-related correspondence, in a timely manner.

To help you avoid the hassle and frustration of having your request denied, please ensure that you have all the necessary documents with you when you apply to renew your licence.

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