If you have a smartphone then you probably know the feeling of dread, when you get a “data alert” message. We know what you’re thinking: Where is it all going? Here are five data-saving tips from GetMore.


While many of us worry about how much data we use every month, we usually overestimate our needs. Check your monthly bill to see what you’re actually consuming or use a data tracking app that separates Wi-Fi and mobile use. Once you know what you’re using, you can look at buying a bigger data package. What you want to avoid is out-of-bundle rates which are expensive.


We all love apps – they’re fun, informative and usually helpful but, they could be eating into your data. Have a look at your apps and delete those you no longer use or very rarely use, as they’re probably loading in the background even if they aren’t being used. If you get rid of these apps you’ll save on your data usage and extend your battery life while you’re at it. It’s also important that you close an app properly after you’ve used it.


For your phone to work properly and securely, it’s essential that your apps and phone software periodically update. Set your phone so that these updates don’t occur automatically but rather only when you’re connected to a Wi-Fi network. This lets you get the necessary security updates but it won’t drain your data.


Videos are fun to watch but it takes plenty of data to play them, especially if they are high quality HD videos or movies. The same applies to downloading music or podcasts. Disable the autoplay feature for videos, especially on social media website like Twitter and Facebook.


Modern smartphone have such impressive technology that they can nearly replace cameras themselves. The problem, however, is that the bigger the picture, the more data you’ll use when you want to send it to all your mates. Be cautious sending too many big photos, videos and sound clips or you’ll suddenly realise you’re out of data. Again.
We’re all a little addicted to our smartphones, which is all the more reason to have an unplugged weekend. Yes, you can do it!

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