Sometimes it seems as if driving is only for a brave few. And although vehicles are getting more sophisticated and safer, so many things can still go wrong – fender-benders, smash and grabs, or hijackings to name a few.

GetMore DRIVE can’t prevent you from getting targeted by criminals or in an accident but we can give you advice on how to better your chances to stay safe.

Watch where you park

Try, as much as possible, to not park in an isolated area. Look for well-lit areas with lots of people around. The more exposure, the less likely criminals will be to try something.

Check your doors

When you lock your doors, always make sure that they are indeed locked by pulling on the handle. There are numerous car-jamming devices available so don’t be fooled by the sounds and blinking lights your vehicle makes when you lock it.  Also, be sure that your windows and sunroof are closed.

Use your boot

Don’t put your bag on the seat next to you, it’s like waving a flag asking to be smash and grabbed. Put all your valuables away and out of sight; even if it’s just an empty bag – don’t create temptation.

Install an alarm

Installing an alarm might not prevent your vehicle from being stolen but it will draw enough attention that it should scare the criminals away. You can also look at installing an immobiliser, which will kill the engine should the vehicle be stolen. Just remember not to put the deactivation button somewhere obvious.

Install a tracking device

There are plenty of devices available; from cheaper devices that will only locate your vehicle when stolen to nifty devices that will also prevent signal jamming. A tracking device increases the chances that you’ll find your vehicle where you left it, locate it when it’s stolen, and at the very least have a positive influence on your insurance.

Get a hands-free kit

Having your phone in your hands while you’re driving is not only illegal it’s also highly dangerous. Even when you are stuck in traffic, it’s very easy to quickly snatch the phone out of your hands and run away.

Pay attention

Be vigilant of your surroundings – it might save your life. Not only will you be keeping an eye out for criminal elements, but you’ll also be able to see if someone might run into your vehicle and act in time. Remember to look around you when arriving home, so that you’re not ambushed waiting for the gate to open.

Whatever happens, just remember that a vehicle, a handbag, or a laptop can be replaced, you cannot.

Simply call GetMore DRIVE on 084 11 438 48 and we’ll assist with finding you a new vehicle, finance, insurance, or accessories.

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